Hong Kong: Defining Places and Spaces III


All good things must come to an end but the memories you had will definitely stay. Wanna know what’s in store for the last installment of my travel? I bet you’re guessing right.

For the last installment of my Hong Kong adventure, I would say, the package was all in. For our last day, I got the chance to experience riding their MTR, seeing up close the city and explore the shopping haven of Hong Kong.

We are accompanied by my relative, who is living in Hong Kong, in exploring the beauty of the city. We actually prep up early and check our baggage out around 8am. When all things are set-up we head directly to Tsuen Wan Station. And I’m telling you, I’m really that excited. To be honest, everything in Hong Kong is way far to what we have here in our country. Their modes of transportation was really organized. Traffic was never an issue.

Taking their MTR is way cheaper. It will cost you not more than a hundred dollar transferring to places you wanted to visit. As for us, we went to Mongkok first but decided to leave the place due to rallies that is happening in that place that day. Sadly, we miss the opportunity to experience the night market. After some walks in Mongkok, we head straight to Central where we bought most of our pasalubongs. It was a little bit crowded that day since it’s Sunday. I saw many of my kababayan’s there having some good times with their friends. I also got a chance to have some tete-a-tete with them.

There are really a lot of cheaper yet good items that you can buy and choose from in that place. Name it and they got it. I almost had a headache on which item to buy. I ended up buying shirts, keychains, magnets, watch etc. I spend almost 300 HKD for souvenirs. Some of us also bought chocolates. By the way, the price of their chocolate is way cheaper than ours.

It was past 1pm when we finish shopping and headed back to the hotel. We need to be at the airport by 3pm since our flight is around 7pm. Overall, my first time experience in Hong Kong is not that bad. But I must say I need to revisit it again. There are still many places Hong Kong can offer which I failed to experience. But indeed it was a nice escape away from my comfort zone.













The Summary:

Stayed in: Panda Hotel (a commercial building where you can shop, dine includes KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and get a rest all in one.)

Nearby Station: Tsuen Wan

Transportation Available: Taxi outside the hotel.

Places visited: Ocean Park, Disneyland, Mongkok and Central.

Airline: Cebu Pacific.

Expenses: Php 20,000 – Php 25,000 depending on Airline Fare and activities.

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