Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture.

SG x MY Trip copy

True enough, as they say, it was always best to go on something especially on a trip if it is short planned or better yet if not planned at all. But in my case, it’s always good to be ready with anything anytime. Join me as I backtrack my latest escapade at the most sought after country in Asia, the Singapore. And let’s all revisit the places, roads and buildings I’ve been through.

I knew it before hand that my relatives including my Mom will have their Singapore trip last November but I decided not to book a flight year before it was planned  due to work constraint. It was just late this August that I finally made a decision to go over with them.

I booked my flight via Cebu Pacific Airline. Luckily, I was able to get their round trip airfare at Php 4,576.69 plus additional Php 1,100 for availing 30kgs baggage allowance. It was only a day before I realized that I badly needed to avail a baggage allowance for I know I will buy a lot of souvenirs.

My preparation was cut very short for I have to finish first some work matters before I can finally scream “I’m on leave!” It was just a night before my schedule trip that I finally had a chance to pack my things and do some groceries to buy dried mangoes as pasalubong to my relatives there and also to my colleagues.

We reached the airport an hour or so before our schedule flight at 1:30pm. Had our lunch at Tapa King and head straight inside our designated terminal. I was lucky enough that I only paid the travel tax amounting to Php 1,620.00 unlike my Mom and Aunt who paid also the Php 550.00 terminal fee separately. Lately did we know, that all tickets sold starting February 2015 already includes the terminal fee, which applies to my case.


After we settle everything, we headed to the immigration for interview. It was a smooth interview for me because the officer only asked some questions regarding my work, my position and the last country I visited prior to Singapore. Unlike my first time, I was only asked where I will be going.

It always gives me the feeling of excitement whenever I’m at the airport. I don’t know why but I love the feeling. We stayed at our designated gate as we wait for our boarding time. Manage to took a nap and some selfies.

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I guess I’ll end my first installment of my Singapore x Malaysia trip here since I’m already hearing some firecrackers outside. Well, animals are frightened, so I needed to comfort them first.

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe as you travel!

(Will have separate post consolidating all my travel expenses.)

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