Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture.

SG x MY Trip copy

Hello there everyone! Like what I’ve said in my earlier blog post, it’s almost a year since this travel happened. Poor me for I had a busy schedule in my previous months. But anyway, I’ll try my very best to remember every details that I’ve done during those times and let’s see where this blog post will be going. Be sure to share some love whatever the outcome of this post will be. C’mon!

From the moment I stepped in the ground of Singapore, I was totally amazed by it’s beauty. It was like love at first sight! A 360 degree of total innovation. The airport per se is a showcase of talent. The architecture was really jaw locking. Exaggerating everything, but yes, their airport was much better than your ex’es.

I will be the living testimony of everyone who says that the internet connection in Singapore is superb because yes it runs as fast as a horse. Right from the time we landed, I was automatically connected at Singtel, well thanks to Globe! Data roaming costs around Php 600 (Sgd 18) which is pretty much a-okay if you wanted to stay real time to the internet. I probably discussed in separate blog post the benefits I get in availing this product.

If my memory serves me right, the first place we visited in Singapore is the Universal Studios which is located at Sentosa Island Singapore. Ticket prices is  around Php 2,500 (Sgd 74) for adults and varies from children to senior. If you want to avoid longer queues and feel like a VIP, you can also avail their Unlimited Express Pass for an additional bucks. (Click the link for more info)

We reached the theme park ahead of time and waited for a couple of minutes before the gates opened. Don’t worry, you can take tons of selfies outside the park for it offers a variety of fantastic views. Like what we did!




Before we finally manage to enter the park, they had a mini show that stars the classic character in Puss in Boots. They conducted mini games to fire up the excitement of the guests and introduced the lucky family who get an exclusive express pass. That’s wow! I want that experience too! Haha!

I’m a little bit sorry for everyone who’s reading this post for I didn’t have the luxury of taking photos while I’m inside the park. You know, the kid in me just sprouted out! But I’ll do my best to narrate everything to all of you.

The park has seven (7) zones where you can enjoy your childhood or bring the youthful in you. The Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. Each zones offers different kind of rides and kiosk. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to visit all of them and enjoyed all the rides inside. Be sure you had an extra shirt if you want to go inside the Lost World. You know the drill.

While roaming the streets of Hollywood, we watched the entertainment provided by Mel’s Dinettes and The Cruisers. We then headed to New York and went inside the Lights, Camera, Action that was hosted by Steven Spielberg. There I witness how some of the action movie was made, how it was produced and how it was shoot. It was totally an awesome show. Great enough after exiting the show, the Rockafellas was there showing some groove in the street floor. They were really fantastic as they manage to get the attention of almost everyone that ended up watching them. We continue walking until we finally reached the one ride we’ve been excited for, The Transformers at the Sci-fi zone. As expected, in all shows and rides I’ve been through inside the park, this one has the longest queue ever! As in, be ready and don’t be short tempered!

It has been a long walk and the sun is really up but our energy is still high and continue to stroll around the Ancient Egypt. Here we found a very relaxing ride which is the Treasure Hunter. All you need to do is to sit and feel the wind. As we thought we feel relieved, little did we know that we enter the most unexpected ride of all time, the Puss in Boots Giant Journey at the Far Far Away zone. At first we thought, it was just like a walk in the park ride not until we reached the peak and suddenly it run so fast that I closed my eyes and shout my lungs out for the entire ride. From then on I promise not to be deceive anymore. Lol.

And lastly, we went to the Madagascar zone and try their Madagascar: Crate Adventure. We made sure that there are no twist anymore, that we will just feel relax and comfortable. Luckily, we get what we expected.





Then again, I would like to apologize for a very minimal amount of photos and for them being in low resolution. But I do promise in the next installment, I’ll upload another set of good quality photos in Singapore. Because if you think, the Universal Studio adventure is done, you’re getting it wrong!

So until then, don’t forget to leave a comment and like this post if you want to say something or give me a high five in case we bump elsewhere.

Remember, everything you do is an adventure of a lifetime!

See ya!

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