Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture.

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This will probably be the last installment of my Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture blog post. Yes, probably. I’ll try to compress the remaining adventures we’ve done during our 1 week stay. This might be the shortest entry I’ll be doing considering it’s a week of travel. Well, for some reasons, I’m having a hard time remembering all the whereabouts since it’s almost a year past. I’m thinking of doing some galleries instead just to compensate all the untold stories. Begin.

After the very awesome day at Universal Studios, we headed back to our hotel which is the Fragrance Hotel. There’s so many branches of Fragrance Hotel around Singapore since it’s a budget friendly hotel. We stayed at their Crystal hotel which is located at 50 Lorong 18 Geylang. I might say that the location of our place is quite accessible since it is just a walk away from Aljunied Station. Plus, just outside and around the area you can see a lot of food stores and pub. An expert tip I got is that, for me to save more money, I should avoid eating at the restaurant and instead dine at their classic Hawkers. It’s like a “carinderia” type in the Philippines. But no worries, they’re all clean and all good. Must try is their famous Bakuteh. The only thing that I hate is that, from what I’ve gathered, Geylang is not a very good place to stay at especially during night time. I’ve noticed some adult pubs and adult toy shop around.

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The original plan was for us to spend 3 days at Singapore and a day at Malaysia but after having some tete-a-tete with our relatives we’ve meet they advised us not to go to Lego Land anymore since it’s not safe. They said that we will have a hard time crossing the country since we had a lot of baggage and hand carries. They also share that there are alot of snatchers and so forth. Considering their advised 10%, we decided not to pursue our Malaysia trip. Too bad for a passport mark. But the real reason why we decided not to go to is because it’s been raining hard during our 1 week stay at Singapore. Lately did I know that November is the rainy season in their country. So I suggest to research the countries weather before going.

So then it all became a week of Singapore adventure. Starting off the drill, we went to go shopping around Bugis and Vivo City. What I really enjoyed around Vivo City is their candy store where I spent around 100 SGD picking up yummy candies and chocolates. We also shop some clothes and doesn’t miss to eat at McDonalds.

We headed next to Bugis where we spent most of our time buying, roaming, taking selfies and a lot more. Pro tip, don’t forget to visit their food stall upstairs because they really offer a bunch of good selections. From native to authentic foods.

I was also lucky enough to meet again my former co-worker at Singapore. We manage to have some tour and lunch together talking about what we’ve miss back since I left the office and her after leaving the Philippines.

With remaining few hours of my stay at Singapore, me and my Mother decided to roam the city once again. We headed back to Universal Studios to buy some stuffs, went to Vivo City to buy new set of candies and chocolates, to Bugis to buy another set of clothes and stuffs for souvenirs and pasalubong. And the most fortunate part is that, I used to see the building where my company headquarters in Singapore is located. And never should we dare to miss not having a selfies with the famous Marina Bay and Merlion landmarks. For me, I considered the last day of my stay the best of all days because it’s the only time where I spent majority of my time with my Mother. We had a funny photo ops and misadventures.



















Overall, this Singapore vacation is truly a dream come true. Not only I witness how innovative their country was but also how discipline their nation is. I learned so much from their culture by merely talking to the locals while having some wee time. By far then, I consider this trip the best yet since I enjoyed also everything especially their food. It’s all tasty!

Not to sugarcoat everything, visiting this country is really a hard sweating game. You need a pocketful of bucks for you to enjoy the city. Everything in Singapore is expensive even their water because Singapore almost export all their necessities to other country since they don’t have much of natural resources.

And to all those who is asking, yes, I spent so much with this trip that I even ended up using my credit card in some moments I used to shop. And yes again, I got a lot of credits when I went back home to the Philippines. But like the classic saying goes, all good things are worth all the expenses.

So until then, don’t forget to leave a comment and like this post if you want to say something or give me a high five in case we bump elsewhere.

Remember, everything you do is an adventure of a lifetime!

See ya!

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