Somerset Olympia: A Night of Fun and Laughter!

Somerset Olympia- A Night of Fun and Laughter!

And the night shall be filled with music, And the cares, that infest the day, Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs, And as silently steal away. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Every hard work deserves a happy break. Being in my profession, I might say, is really tiring. Well, no hard paying jobs is a piece of cake. I’m currently working as an Accountant in a shared service/advertising industry. Currently in a sense of less than a month remaining. I’ll tell you the real story in a later post. But for now, as I catch-up all the adventures I had in the last quarter of 2015, this will be, by far, the finale of them all.

Being an Accountant is really a long stretch of strength. You need to deal with financials on a daily basis. Computing every cents of money that is not yours. Talking and explaining every variances to your bosses or clients. It’s like a pain we get from having a tooth ache, it runs all over the system. Shrugging off everything, it was really fun sometimes and good to work with business minded people. You get to know more about economy and management. So still a fair and square game.

But the real deal of this story is the few opportunities we had to celebrate breaks and holidays, like Christmas!

We were fortunate enough to have a boss that jives with the younger generation. Your not so typical Chief Accountant. She’s always on the go and really loves surprises. And right on cue, she surprises the team with this Christmas treat. An overnight stay to one of the luxury service apartment around Makati, The Somerset Hotel.

Somerset is operated by Ascott if I remember it right. But to be sure, just click the link above for further information, booking and amenities they’re offering. We stayed at one of their service apartments, which is the Olympia, that happens to be located few walk s away from our office. It is a very convenient place since it’s very close to malls, supermarkets and parks.


Before heading to the unit, the team decided to buy some foods and goodies at nearby shop while the rest headed straight to arrange the place. We walk along the streets as we enjoyed chatting with one another. It was almost 7PM when we arrived. And to our surprise, we will have two special guests, our Tax Manager and the HR Manager. Pretty sure it will be more fun because that means another set of food and games!

To tell you an overview of what the unit looks like, it was pretty big for the 12 of us. It is a two storey unit with three bed rooms, wide space living room, three bathrooms, one maid quarters, a kitchen and lavatory and a spacious dining area. Outside, there’s a bar area, swimming pool, gym, cafeteria that we all enjoyed the next day.

But for the night, as we are waiting for the two special guests, we prepare the dinner while some are cooking the dish and arranging the table. Few more minutes after, the two guest arrived and all of us shared the table for dinner.








We had so much for our dinner. Everyone’s full especially me. I almost ate every dish in the table. Uh oh my bad! But never mind, there are cheat days! When everyone is done, everyone do their part. From cleaning the table to washing the dishes. We spend some hours after at the living room waiting for the food to digest so we can start playing games and exchanging gifts.

But that night was full of surprises as one of the guest said he has some good beers to cheers the night away. All of them took their bottles except me since I don’t drink. Don’t worry it’s only a bottle per person. And then the night has just started!












We just ate all over again, talk, laugh and play funny games all night. In fact, we been repeatedly reported by our neighbors to the security for being so noisy that night. Haha!

Around 11Pm when we decided to start the most awaited part of the party, the exchange gift! Definitely none of us leave the night empty handed as all of us received the gift we listed in our wish list. Well for me, I got the Garage ang Blu Print Magazine! Yay!




After the exchange gift, some of the team need to go home as they had some errand to take the next day. While some of us stayed and spent the rest of the night lying in the units very comfy beds.

The following morning is real quick for we need to check out before 12nn. So some of us rush to dine to the cafeteria for the complimentary breakfast while some headed straight to dip the waters and stretch some muscles to the gym.





Overall, it was really a nice overnight experience at Somerset. To be honest, their service and facility is all good for a refurbished hotel. Though the rate is very costly for a night, still understandable for the quality they offer is superb. But we should always remember, no matter where we are for as long as we are with all the people we’ve loved surely everything will be remarkable.

So until then, don’t forget to leave a comment and like this post if you want to say something or give me a high five in case we bump elsewhere.

Remember, everything you do is an adventure of a lifetime!

See ya!


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