A Taste of The Coffee Project.

Hi Guys! How was everyone’s day? I hope we had a great one!

I just wanted to share quickly this place that I’m currently in, The Coffee Project, which is just located in Eugenio Lopez Quezon City at Wil Tower Mall near ABS-CBN compound. The place is very cozy with a good music background. If you happen to fancy flowers I highly recommend this coffee shop to you. The place is also spacious and tables were quite far to each other giving a privacy while doing your own stuffs. There is also a number of inspiring quotes all over the area.

The shop offers a variety of drinks from coffee, tea and smoothies among others. They also have light meals which you can take while waiting for someone or finishing a book. Don’t fret because the prices are all affordable ranges from 150-300 PHP.

I’m giving you a glimpse of the place and hope you try to visit this awesome coffee shop!

“I just want to drink coffee, create stuff and sleep.”
Wash Room’s Interior
Wall Decors
Coffee Shop’s ceiling
“I just realized why you weren’t my cup of tea – I drink coffee.”
Wall Interiors
Got to finish some FS reports!
The Coffee Project Menu

Visit The Coffee Project FB Page.

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Black Saturday Bonding!

Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

It’s been exactly two months since I last posted a travel entry here in my blog and yet I feel so happy because there are still some readers in my site even though there’s no new content in the past months. And by that, sending virtual hugs to everyone!

I know I owe some entries to my readers and to myself since I wasn’t able to publish our Christmas Vacation last year and the event I went in last January 13. I promise I’ll be doing my best to finish them since I have some luxury of time now because my working schedule is at 5am-2pm!

Anyway, there’s a lot of catching up and story telling to do since a lot had happened in the last two months. First of them was my Dad came back home last March 17! And that being said means more adventures and quality time with the whole family.

And first of these is this Black Saturday Family Bonding at Venice! Continue reading “Black Saturday Bonding!”

Going Back To The Roots – Pilar, Camotes Island.

A collection of photos I had when I visited our province last 2016 after 18 long years! Nothing has change with the island. People are still warm and welcoming! It’s always a good feeling to go back to your roots and discover something about yourself through their stories.

I did a lot of swimming and island hopping during this vacation and got a rare life opportunity to see a dolphin going after your boat! It was indeed a majestic view that I can’t forget. I also did hiking just to reach one of my relatives house.

This year I hope I can revisit our province again since some of my relatives will be going home for their family reunion.

For now, let the photographs tell the story!


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Banks Team Goes To: SandBox!

As what the great Alan W. Watts once said:

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realized it is play.

Living the line of one of the famous chocolate brand of ours — Have a break, is such a big word to fill in especially when you are working in a fast-paced multinational diverse company. But hey, being surrounded with a hyped on-the-go office mates surely play will never be out of place! So we decided to put the adventure on our boring profession (as to what majority of people say!) by going way up north – Sandbox!

Continue reading “Banks Team Goes To: SandBox!”

Punto Miguel Lake Shore: An Overnight Escape.

I bet all of us was once annoyed to all those cancelled planned trips and I’ve heard a lot of them. I mean, we all have too much and we’re all over it. That I think is the reason why everyone is going gaga over the hype of doing most of their trips unplanned, their so called back packing.

But way back 2012, that wasn’t exactly the thing. I mean, should I say, we don’t know the idea of back packing yet but we already know the concept of getting away your comfort zone.

Today, I would like to share to all of you another throwback adventure I did with two of my High School friends. Be ready as we discover the beauty of then man made white sand in the lake.

Continue reading “Punto Miguel Lake Shore: An Overnight Escape.”

Puerto Galera: Life is a Beach.


This adventure took place 2 years ago with my Sanofi officemates and few months before I left the office for good. It was such a bittersweet experience to end another chapter of your life with the people whom you’ve been with for almost 2 years.

Looking forward to meet all of them again anytime soon.

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*All photos taken at the beautiful island of White Beach, Puerto Galera located at the north westernmost province of Oriental Mindoro.*

Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture.

SG x MY Trip copy

This will probably be the last installment of my Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture blog post. Yes, probably. I’ll try to compress the remaining adventures we’ve done during our 1 week stay. This might be the shortest entry I’ll be doing considering it’s a week of travel. Well, for some reasons, I’m having a hard time remembering all the whereabouts since it’s almost a year past. I’m thinking of doing some galleries instead just to compensate all the untold stories. Begin. Continue reading “Singapore x Malaysia: A Cross-Over of Innovation and Culture.”